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By booking your stay, you conclude a bathing contract with the Hotel Grüner Baum and thereby accept the following bathing regulations as part of the contract.

1. duties of the hotel

1.1. granting of the use of the facilities, assumption of risk by the guests 

(1) The hotel allows the guests to use the facilities of the bathing complex within the framework of the provisions of these bathing regulations at their own risk.

(2) It is not possible for the hotel or the staff to prevent bathing accidents in general. In particular, the guests themselves bear the risks associated with the exercise of the sport practiced in the wellness facility.

(3) The same applies to violations and other interventions in the personal sphere of the guest by other guests or other third parties not belonging to the staff of the hotel. 

(4) The hotel assumes exclusively the obligations listed below towards the guests.

1.2 Opening hours and granting access

(1) The hotel is required to allow the visit during the opening hours announced by notice or by the supervisory staff. 

(3) The hotel reserves the right to deny admission without giving reasons to persons whose admission to the pool appears questionable. 

1.3. condition and operation of the equipment 

(1) The hotel is responsible for ensuring that the facilities are set up, operated and maintained in accordance with the regulations. In particular, the hotel shall comply with all applicable hygiene and safety regulations. Further obligations of the hotel do not exist. 

(2) As soon as the Hotel becomes aware of the malfunction, defect or damage of a facility that no longer ensures safe operation, the Hotel shall immediately prohibit the use of the malfunctioning facility or restrict its use in an appropriate manner. 

(3) The bathers themselves are responsible for compliance with the instructions of the responsible staff.

1.4 Control of compliance with the bathing regulations
The hotel controls, within the bounds of what is reasonable, with the help of its responsible personnel, the compliance with the bathing regulations by guests and other persons staying in the area of the wellness facility. If irregular behavior is detected, the persons concerned will be warned and, if necessary, may be expelled from the wellness area.

1.5 Assistance in case of accidents
If an accident occurs, the hotel will immediately initiate assistance measures with the help of its responsible personnel within the bounds of what is reasonable.

1.6 Assistance in averting reported dangers
If the bathing establishment, in particular the responsible staff, is credibly informed by guests of an imminent danger to the health and life of guests, the hotel, with the assistance of its staff, shall make reasonable efforts to avert this danger.

1.7 No possibility to supervise minors, minors, disabled persons and non-swimmers
The hotel and therefore its staff is not able and therefore not obliged to supervise minors, minors or physically or mentally disabled persons and non-swimmers.

1.8 Liability of the hotel 

(1) The hotel shall only be liable for such damages which it or its staff has caused to the guest through unlawful, in particular breach of contract, and culpable conduct. 

(2) The hotel is not liable for damages caused by disregarding the bathing rules, any other regulations for use or by not following the instructions of the staff, by other own fault of the injured party or by unavoidable events or force majeure, in particular also by interventions of third persons. Contributory negligence leads to a corresponding division of the damage. The same shall apply mutatis mutandis to any special rules for use posted at the respective equipment and facilities (e.g. sauna) as well as to any prohibitions or restrictions on use within the meaning of Item1.3.Para.2. 

2. duties of the guests

The use of the bathing facilities is allowed only as a hotel guest. For non-hotel guests only with the permission of the reception.

2.2 Supervision of children, minors, non-swimmers and disabled persons. 

(1) For the supervision of children, minors, non-swimmers and disabled persons, the persons who are otherwise responsible for these persons (e.g. the family members who are authorized to raise the child or the corresponding supervisors or caregivers) must take proper precautions. Minors up to 8 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible person. 

(2) These persons subject to supervision remain responsible for supervision even if they do not enter the hotel premises or leave them early. 

(3) The respective valid youth protection regulations, in particular alcohol and smoking bans, residence bans, obligations of the legal guardians, are to be observed by the youths and their legal guardians. 

(4) Supervisors are the legal guardians or persons appointed by them. They are responsible for the behavior of the children in the bath and for compliance with the bathing rules. 

2.3 Supervision during group visits 

(1) In the case of group visits, the responsible supervisor for schoolchildren and the responsible functionary for clubs and other organizations must ensure compliance with the bathing regulations and bear full responsibility for this. The relevant own supervisors must be present for the entire duration of the group visit. 

(2) These supervisors must maintain the appropriate agreement with the hotel's supervisory staff in order to ensure that the rest of the normal bathing operations are not disturbed by the group visit. 

2.4 Instructions of the hotel staff 

(1) Guests are obliged to follow the instructions of the hotel staff without any restrictions. This applies even if a guest believes that the instruction given to him is not justified. 

(2) Anyone who violates the bathing regulations or prohibitions on the use of certain facilities (e.g. sauna) or restrictions in the sense of point 1.3.para.2, or who disobeys the instructions of the hotel staff, may be expelled from the wellness facility by the latter without entitlement to a reduction in the price of the overnight stay.

2.5 Hygiene regulations 

(1) Guests are obliged to maintain the utmost cleanliness throughout the wellness facility. 

(2) The barefoot area may not be entered with street shoes. Slippers are available to guests during their stay. 

(3) Swimming in the pools is allowed only with swimwear (long pants, jeans, etc. are not allowed). 

(4) The wellness center may not be visited with contagious diseases. 

(5) For hygienic reasons, showers must be taken before entering the pool. The showers are to be turned off immediately after use. 

(6) The use of soap, shampoos or detergents as well as the washing of swimwear in swimming and bathing pools is prohibited. 

(7) Waste (bottles, glasses, cans, paper, etc.) must be placed in the waste containers provided.

2.6. refraining from endangering and harassment 

(1) Every guest is obliged to show consideration for other bathers, especially with regard to noise. Therefore, everything that harasses or even endangers other bathers is to be refrained from. 

(2) The boundaries of the bathing area may not be climbed over. 

(3) All facilities and equipment of the bath may only be used in accordance with their intended purpose. 

(4) It is forbidden to bring deckchairs, floats (except swimming aids), etc. into the indoor pool, unless express permission has been granted by the hotel management. 

(5) The reservation of freely accessible deck chairs, snuggle baskets, etc. is not permitted. 

(6) Running and playing with balls is prohibited. Jumping from the edges of the pool as well as splashing and pushing into the pool are prohibited. When moving in the pool, care must be taken that other bathers are not inconvenienced, endangered or injured in any way.

2.8. use of pools, equipment, etc. 

(1) The equipment and facilities offered in the bath are to be used in accordance with the rules of use. 

(2) The users of the equipment and facilities must take care that other bathers are not endangered. Bathers who are in the vicinity of equipment and facilities must ensure that the users of the equipment and facilities do not endanger themselves or other bathers. Bathers must show consideration for each other. 

(3) The instructions of the staff must be followed without fail.

2.9 Use of additional equipment 

(1) Deck chairs and other facilities may be used free of charge while supplies last. 

(2) Compensation shall be made for loss or damage.erden. 

2.12. Contribution and loss of items 

(1) Valuables are to be deposited either in the room safe or at the reception against receipt; no liability is assumed for valuables otherwise brought into the facility. (2) Found objects are to be handed in at the reception against confirmation. 

2.13. Reporting duties / duty to provide assistance 

(1) Accidents, thefts and complaints must be reported immediately to the hotel staff or management. 

(2) Every guest is obliged to provide the necessary first aid or other assistance. 

2.14. Consumption of food, alcohol and beverages 

(1) Food and drinks may only be consumed in the bar area. 

(2) The use of glassware is prohibited in the barefoot area. 

2.15. Other 

(1) Any kind of commercial activity or advertising in the area of the hotel requires the consent of the hotel management. 

(2) Smoking is permitted outdoors only. 

(3) Photographing other bathers or staff without their consent is prohibited.


We wish you a relaxing stay in our Hotel Grüner Baum. For questions and wishes during your stay we are always at your disposal.

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