The history of the Hotel Ringl




To have time for yourself and to come to rest, that is the greatest luxury today.
We are already running the Hotel Ringl in the third generation. A heart project, where guests and visitors can get away from it all for a short or longer time. What began on 11. 11. 1911 as a small inn with 3 rooms for hikers and summer visitors, is today an oasis of peace and security in the midst of the Wachau nature.

This is also ensured by our courteous staff, whose friendliness blows through the house like a good spirit and, together with the many amenities, makes it a place that is unparalleled throughout the Wachau.

With the takeover of the hotel from my parents Ernst and Elfrieda in 1989, my family, my team and I have transformed the former country inn into a cozy place that combines our family history with modern ease. Those who vacation with us once, come back again and again, that much is certain. Whether this is due to the family atmosphere that can be felt in every corner of the hotel, our fine homemade apricot jam that is served to guests in the morning for breakfast or the dreamlike surroundings, it will probably be a mixture of everything. We look forward to welcoming you to this beautiful place, a place like no other in the Wachau - or anywhere else.

Your Karlheinz Ringl with family and team

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